I learn a lesson

Hey, guys, I’m back so here’s a crazy thing that happened.  So, my owner let me outside and I started chasing a squirrel and it stopped… And started talking to me???? It said, “I can make you human. ”  It gave me three tasks: I must walk on my hind legs, sit in chairs and not chew on anything for a day.  the next day I came back because I did all of those things and told the squirrel “I don’t wanna be human.!”  bye-bye!

My worst nightmare

Hi i’m back so theres this “new” puppy here named Levi.  He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying, he bites me slobbers all over me and he even eats all of the foods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       So now i gotta fly bye bye:) peace out!